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My Sweet Story

About LaConda

Hi, I'm LaConda Conrad the baker, cake artist and owner operator of Conda's Cakes, with the added help and support of my loving husband, Randy.

I have always been the person who would ensure you were recognized on your born day, usually with balloons and a cake, to celebrate your special day.  Over the years the love for baking became more than a hobby

and I decided to open Conda's Cakes as an online home based bakery located in south Fort Worth, Texas.

I yearn for trying out and playing around

with new cake designs and sweet treats to match

any theme you desire.  Conda's Cakes is known for 

creating beautiful, colorful and creatively

crafted desserts that includes, cakes, cupcakes fondant sugar cookies, chocolate dipped oreo's and my signature fondant decorated toppers for cupcakes and oreo's.

Cond'as Cakes focuses on your celebration and creates moments and memories that you'll never forget with a great piece of art that taste delectable.

With Gratitude,


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